Hello नमस्ते 안녕하세요 !!!

Thank you for visiting my academic website.

I graduated with a Master’s of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea under the supervision of Prof. Juneho Yi at Computer Vision Lab. Prior to Joining Sungkyunkwan, I received my Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Pokhara University, Nepal.

I am broadly interested in different forms of artificial intelligence that carry out the assigned tasks robustly and reliably. In an unsorted list, I spend most of my research on:

Apart from above, I frequently autodidactic myself ranging from philosophy (currently exploring Stoic) to economics (currently exploring social choice theory).

Stay Tuned. More updates are coming pretty soon. :)


Rahul Singh Maharjan
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Email: rahulsingh.maharjan (at) manchester.ac.uk